Demon's Mansion   

  Exit through the goal door
  Go out the wrong door or get caught by the guards
  Black-Handed, Black-Hearted Guards

The Square Maze is the earlier version of the Honeycomb Maze.
The maze is made up of three rows of four rooms, which all look exactly the same. The rooms have four doors, one in each wall, which all open outwards and inwards - except the dummy doors against outside walls. The contestants enter the maze at the top right and have to try to find the exit, which is at the bottom left.
Waiting inside are two guards who are trying to find the contestant. The contestant must avoid the guards because, if they get caught, they'll cover their face in black paint and throw them out the maze - and usually into a pond.

Played   15  times;  in episodes:

8 The Blind Chasing The Blind
The contestant and Strong (the only guard in the Maze) wear blindfolds. The contestant has to find their way from the entrance to the exit - avoiding being caught - while not being able to see. Four of the doors inside the maze are locked shut so they cannot be used.
13 Child's Eye View
In this family version, the child stands atop a flight of stairs next to the Maze to shout directions to their parent inside.

 BGM:  "Enter the Dragon" Theme

Strong appeared as a guard in all 15 appearances of the Square Maze. In episode 1 he was joined by Okada, while in episodes 2 to 4 his partner was Ueda. From episode 5 Kibaji became the second guard and the infamous duo was formed.
Up until episode 9 there was only the one exit from the Maze. In episode 10 another exit was added, but this one leads to failure - and a small pond on the outside! In episode 11 the pond was extended and a second incorrect exit was added next to the first.
There were slight gaps between the doors that would sometimes allow the guards to see contestants' movements in the next room.


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