Demon's Mansion   

  Exit through the goal door
  Go out the wrong door or get caught by the guards
  Black-Handed, Black-Hearted Guards

The maze is made up of lots of hexagonal shaped rooms, which all look exactly the same. The rooms have six doors, one in each wall, which all open outwards and inwards - except the dummy doors against outside walls. The contestants enter the maze at the top right and have to try to find the exit, which is at the bottom left.
Waiting inside are two (or three) guards; who are trying to find the contestant. The contestant must avoid the guards because, if they get caught, they'll cover their face in black paint and throw them out the maze - and usually into a pond outside.
There are several exits all along the left and bottom sides of the maze, but only one is correct. If the contestant comes out of the wrong door they'll fall into a pool of water and they'll be gone.

Played   74  times;  in episodes:
16-27, 29-69, 73, 76-85, 87, 96, 99, 100, 104, 106, 113, 123, 124, 130

36, 42, 56, 78, 104, 113 Help From Above
The child in the Family episodes, and the lady in the Couples episode, stands on a platform above the Maze to shout directions to their parent/partner inside.
123-124 General Birdseye
The General stands on a platform above the Maze to give the contestants directions.

 BGM:  "Enter the Dragon" Theme

From episodes 16 to 69 the Maze comprised of 12 rooms. From episode 73 it was enlarged; with an extra six rooms added, and a third guard inside.
In episode 16 there were four wrong exits, leading to a pond on the left side of the Maze. In episode 17 a second smaller pond was added at the bottom of the Maze, with three doors leading out onto it.
When the Maze was extended, so were both of the ponds and the number of doors leading out to them - now with a total of 12 wrong exits.
Strong appeared as a guard in every playing of the Honeycomb Maze, partnered throughout the series with Kibaji. In the second, larger version of the Maze, the pair were joined by Animal - forming a terrifying trio.
In episodes 31, 33, 76, 77 and 79, Kibaji was temporarily replaced by Okada. In episode 78, Large Fuji acted as his stand-in.


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