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Keshi Heads is the place for fans of the cult Japanese gameshow

Takeshi's Castle

If you're looking for in-depth info on all of Takeshi's games, complete episode guides to the original, Prime Video revival and UK series, and even an award-winning forum for you to chat with other Keshi-heads, you're in the right place!

Latest Updates

Keshi Heads' Takeshi's Castle Classic Flags design printed on a desk mat
🚩 Fly the flag for Takeshi's Castle with our Classic Flag design.
Based on the banners used in the original series, the exclusive colourful flag pattern is now available at Keshi Heads Store.
Check out the products in the collection here.

Keshi Heads' Geometric Takeshi's Castle t-shirt
🎉 Brighten up 2024 with Keshi Heads Store's brand new vibrant designs!
We've launched four fresh colourful graphics: Bold Blocks - featuring characters from the classic and revival versions of the Takeshi's Castle, the vivid Geometric Graphic, and a prismatic Popcorn print.
All are available right now at Keshi Heads Store!

The front cover and several inside pages of the Keshi Heads exclusive book 'Takeshi vs Tani'
📖 Takeshi vs Tani, our exclusive story-puzzle book, has been released! 🎊
Join Takeshi, Tani, and a throng of familiar foes to discover how their infamous rivalry began. Plus, become a part of the attacking army and overcome the numerous challenging trials on your journey to the castle. Solve perplexing puzzles as you strive to beat each game that the troops encounter!
👉 You can order your copy from Amazon now!

Title screen from Keshi Heads' exclusive Best Of Takeshi's Castle 2023 video. Cartoons of the Takeshi's Castle cast in front of the castle.
🕹️ Check out the new official Takeshi's Castle game on Roblox.
Join other players and attempt to beat each of the challenges on the path to the Show Down. Can you defeat Takeshi in the legendary laser-shooting finale?
Play now for free and find out!

Title screen from Keshi Heads' exclusive Best Of Takeshi's Castle 2023 video. Cartoons of the Takeshi's Castle cast in front of the castle.
Not seen new Takeshi's Castle yet? Not sure it's for you? Let's (try and) change that!..
The Best Of Takeshi's Castle 2023 - bringing the nostalgia for fans of the classic UK series! We can't conjure up Craig, but we can edit 👌
Watch the Keshi Heads exculsive video here!

Romesh Ranganathan and Tom Davis in front of microphones with the Takeshi's Castle logo between them.
Brand new Takeshi's Castle has finally arrived in the UK! All (slightly edited) episodes are available now on Prime Video, voiced by Romesh Ranganathan and Tom Davis.
❗👉 The full untouched Japanese series will be up to watch on 27th September.

The cast of Takeshi's Castle 2023 in front of a firely background
📢 The new series of Takeshi's Castle is now available, subtitled, in many more countries; including France, Singapore & USA.
Check your Prime account to see if it's available where you are!