Sumo Deathmatch / Sumo

  Win a sumo fight
  Lose a sumo fight
  Some opponents are a lot harder to beat than others

There are five different coloured sumo rings: red, blue, yellow, green and purple. Each has a different guard inside.
To begin, the contestant pulls one of five swords out of a wall. Only the handle of the sword is sticking out - the blade is hidden. The colour of the blade on the sword they pick corresponds to the colour of a ring, telling them which guard they muat fight.
Now it's a straightforward sumo match. The fighters have to try and get their opponent on the ground or out of the ring to win.
Regular fighters include Giant Jumbo, a big sumo wrestler, and Pauline Monroe - both of whom are the hardest to defeat. Other opponants include 'Spud' - a guard in a big Konishiki Yasokichi head costume - who is one of the easiest to beat.

Played   25  times;  in episodes:
1-2, 4-5, 7, 10, 12, 14, 16, 19, 22, 24-25, 27, 31, 33, 35-36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 47, 55, 61

Ep# Guards
Giant Jumbo Bruce Ling Spud Candy May Pauline Monroe
 4 Giant Jumbo Bruce Ling The Foreigner Swelly Belly Pauline Monroe
 5 Giant Jumbo Bruce Ling Pojamarn Candy Bell Pauline Monroe
 7 Giant Jumbo Bruce Ling Tiger
the Theif
Pauline Monroe
10 Giant Jumbo Bruce Ling Huang Fei-Hong Tangtao Pauline Monroe
12 Giant Jumbo Ooonne Tiger the
Kabin Sitbuakhun Pauline Monroe
14 Giant Jumbo Bruce Ling Yuuyee Simon Bang Kwang Swelly Belly
16 Giant Jumbo Tomb Raider Yuen
Yang Che
Adam Smith Huang Fei-Hong
19 Giant Jumbo Chucky Hell Boy Candy Kik Pauline Monroe
22 Giant Jumbo Bruce Ling Mr. Magnificent Moustache Candy Kik Nong Toom
24 Giant Jumbo Bruce Ling Drunken Fighting Youth The White Queen Pauline Monroe
25 Giant Jumbo Sung Yang Beum Swelly Belly Pauper Pauline Monroe
27 Zomzom-bu Bruce Ling Jason Yang Candy Kik Pauline Monroe
31 Giant Jumbo Ultramun Sailor Mian Spider Not-a-Man Pauline Monroe
33 Giant Jumbo Yakuza Simon Ruthless Bang Kwang Candy Kik Dirty Thief
35 Giant Jumbo Rich
Old Man
Gummy Old Man Giggly Little Girl Pauline Monroe
36 Giant Jumbo Bruce Ling Firm Lady Strong Guy Hungry Warrior
38 Giant Jumbo Bean- sprout Spud Candy Kik Ango-chan
40 Giant Jumbo Bean- sprout Kondo-chan Flintstone Ango-chan
42 Giant Jumbo Green Bean Malifici Samui Butterfly Mrs. Spud
44 Giant Jumbo Bean- sprout Medusa Girl Scientist Kaka Pauline Monroe
47 Giant Jumbo Bean- sprout Jumbo Junior Tall Clown Pauline Monroe
55 Giant Jumbo Bean- sprout Jomman Bruu Black
De Vil
Pauline Monroe
61 Giant Jumbo Bean- sprout Krai Thonga Matador Pauline Monroe


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