Bowling... Rolling Murder / Star Bowling

  Stay standing after the ball has struck
  Fall over
  With your legs bound keeping balance is tough

Ten contestants play this game at once. Before starting they each pick a card, numbered from one to ten, at random. The number they pull tells the contestants which pin position they will take. The higher the number you pick the further to the back of the group you are - number one being right at the front.
All the contestants are dressed as a giant bowling pins and have their legs tied together. Once they're in position on the alley, a giant bowling ball is rolled down a ramp towards the contestants.
Any contestant that gets knocked over has lost the game. Anyone who manages to stay standing takes part in round two, where a second ball is rolled at the survivors.

Played   10  times;  in episodes:
17, 19, 21, 28, 30, 42-43, 48, 51, 53

51, 53 Oil
The floor is covered in oil, making it slippery and even tougher for the contestants to stay standing.


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