Man-Eating Holes / Final Fall

  Jump into a safe hole
  Jump into a killer hole
  No skill, just luck

Final Fall is used to further whittle down the remaining contestants before the Show Down.
One at a time the contestants run through a tunnel to reach five holes in the ground. They have to choose a hole and jump down it.
Three of the holes are safe and will take the contestant through to the Show Down, but hiding down each of the other two is a guard. If a contestant chooses one of these two wrong holes, the guard down it will stop them getting any further and they'll be out game.
The Shogun will occasionally send in extra guards to distract and chase the contestants; trying to force them into making a hasty decision and jump down the wrong hole.

Played   48  times;  in episodes:
1-28, 30-49

31, 32 Triple Threat
In family episodes a third guard is added - making only two safe holes.

Before Red and Blue made the holes their homes in episode 3, the Demon Duo could be found lurking down the holes ready to give the contestants a fright.


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