Turtle Power... Shaken Wave / Turtle Path
Played: 29 times
First appeared: Ep 6 ¦ Last appeared: Ep 82

A long bridge of 15 slippery platforms are floating in a lake. On the whistle, the contestant has to start running over them to try and reach the finish platform at the other end. If the contestant falls in the water at any time they lose the game.

A few seconds after the whistle is blown, a pirate (or other guard) takes chase after the contestant. The contestant needs to be quick as, if the pirate catches them, they'll be thrown into the water.
After a short while a second pirate will enter the game.

If the contestant manages to make it over all the turtles and onto the finishing platform, without being caught or falling off, they win and move onto the next game.

Ep# Alteration
6   Fifteen Turtles
All platforms are turtle-shaped.
8+   Ten Turtles, Five Squid
Last 5 platforms become squid-shaped - trickier to step on.
9   Missing Turtle
The 10th turtle is removed, leaving a big gap to leap across.
25   Sword-Wielding Pirates
Pirates use inflatable swords to try to knock contestants off.
46   Three Pirates
Three pirates chase after the contestant at the same time.
48   Bunny Baby
From halfway, contestants must carry Sky Flyer to the goal.
51   Baby Turtle
The tenth turtle is replaced by a tiny turtle platform.
53   Water Cannon
Guards blast a water cannon from the goal platform.
70   Big Blue Balls
Guards throw gym balls at contestants from the goal.
76   Banana Slip
One turtle platfrom is covered in banana skins.