Tug of War / Tug of War
Played: 14 times
First appeared: Ep 3 ¦ Last appeared: Ep 48

There are five ropes, each leading through a set of doors. The contestant has to choose one of them without being able to see who, or what, is on the other end.

When Shahkrit blows his whistle the war begins. There is a red section in the middle of each rope. The contestant has to try and pull the entirety of the red part through the doors. If they succeed in doing this they have won the battle. However; if the red section is pulled through to the other side of the doors, by their opponent, they lose the fight.

Once the war is over the door is opened so the contestant can see what they were tugging against.

Ep# Opponents
 3 Manly Man Sky Flyer Ms. Sunshine Elephant Three Mians
 6 Manly Hulk Sky Flyer Mermaid Man + Buffalo Snow White
+ 7 Kids
 8 Manly Flintstone Flyer Flintstone Dino Flintstone Sunshine Flintstone 3 Mian Flintstones
 9 3 Mian Supergirls Cat-
Sailor Meun Manly Man Thor Iron Flyer + Car
11 'Chubby Girl' Queen Champion Strongman Miss Maxim 2014 Champion Farmers + Tractor Young Swimming Champion
18 Three
Fit Men
Hawai-ee Ursuli Weak Diver Eight Sea Children
21 Powernoi Girls Rambaru Sun
Wa Kung
Mian Li Ant Riders + Bike
26 Kukkuy & Kukku Devilru Malifici Ursuli Gang of Four Little Witches
28 Darth Laider Yodaru Aliesang Powerful Rock Thing Telecopies
32 Giantoh Gollan Jomman Buuu Jokeru Mian Dalmatian
37 Moustached Eccentric & Buffalo Killer Bride Rambaru 3 Main Angels 5 Mini Rangers
41 Count Dracujung Aoée Fredbie the Ska Dung
Beetle Boy
Dead Simon
+ Car
45 Roman Warrior Wonder
Rambaru Kitty-Woman Staggering Drunk
48 Pigsy Chun
Staggering Drunk Roman Warrior Wonder