Night Battle / Final Showdown
Played: 77 times
First appeared: Ep 1 ¦ Last appeared: Ep 82

In pairs, the contestants mount a motorbike - one driving the bike, one sitting in a sidecar. Each bike has a paper ring on it, and every contestant in a sidecar is armed with water gun.

On the opposite side of the "car park" to the contestants are the Guards. They share several bikes of their own, which also have a ring on the front. Just like the contestants, each Guard in a sidecar has a water gun.

There is also a big buggy on the Guards' side the Shogun Doll's cart. The Shogun's cart is much bigger than the bikes, carrying himself and three other guards, but also has a ring on the front. The cart is armed with a powerful fixed water cannon and a second water gun.

On the Shahkrit's command the game begins, and the contestants and Guards drive into battle. The contestants' aim is to break the ring on the front of the Shogun Doll's cart with their water guns, but they need to avoid having their own ring broken in the process.

The Guards try to stop the contestants succeeding by aiming at their rings. If a contestant's ring is broken they are out of the game, and have to stop.

The contestants can fight back though. If they break a ring on a Guards' cart, that cart has to stop.

If a contestant manages to break the ring on the front of the Shogun's cart the contestant wins the game, and has stormed Takeshi's Castle. But if all of the contestants have their rings broken it's the end of the game, and Shahkrit and his army have lost.