Spinning Mushroom of Death / Flying Mushroom
Played: 23 times
First appeared: Ep 2 ¦ Last appeared: Ep 65

The contestant starts on a high platform, at the edge of a lake, and has to grab onto the stalk of a giant mushroom. Once they're gripped on, the mushroom starts flying over the lake - spinning around as it goes.

The contestant needs to hold on until they reach a small platform floating on the lake. Here they have to let go and drop onto this finish spot. If they manage to land safely, and stay on the platform, they win the game. If they slip off and fall into the water, at any time, they've lost.

There is a handhold on one side of the stalk to help grip on. There's also a short rope attached to the stalk that smaller contestants (who can't reach far enough around) are allowed to grip with one hand.

The difficulty was increased from episode 30, with distance between the start and the finish spot being extended.

Ep# Alteration
24   Kyonshi
Contestants must carry a banner to ward off a mini Kyonshi.
27   Dracula
Contestants must carry a string of garlic to ward off Dracula.
44   Monkey
When landing on the finish platform, contestants must fight a guard to avoid being thrown off.
63   Oil
The finish platform is covered in oil, making it slippery.