Gate Trickery / Knock Knock
Played: 18 times
First appeared: Ep 5 ¦ Last appeared: Ep 75

The contestants are faced with a row of walls - each of which has seven doors in it. Some of the doors are real, but the others aren't.

The contestant has to run full-speed at a door. If it's unlocked they will burst through and can move on to the next wall. If they choose a wrong door, which is locked, they will bounce straight off and lose.
They have to choose four unlocked doors in a row (one in each of four walls) to make it all the way through and win.

However, not all the wrong doors are locked. Some will open but have a net fixed behind. If a contestant runs through one of these they'll be caught in the net and also lose the game.

As added hindrances; behind some of the doors are water or mud pits. There's also the Boxing Monster, lurking between the walls, who's there to give the contestants a pummeling!

Ep# Alteration
Smoke Bombs
Coloured smoke bombs cloud vision of some of the doors.
Guards spray contestants with hoses to distract/hurry them.