Maze of Demons / Honeycomb Maze
Played: 33 times
First appeared: Ep 1 ¦ Last appeared: Ep 75

This is a maze made up of 19 hexagonal-shaped rooms, which all look exactly the same. Most rooms have six doors, one in each wall, which all open outwards and inwards. The contestant enters the maze at one corner and has to try to find the exit that leads to the goal platform, which is located near the opposite corner.

Waiting inside are the Demon Duo, who are trying to find the contestant. The contestant needs to avoid the two Demons because, if they get caught, they'll get thrown out of the maze and will have lost the game.

The maze is built at the edge of a lake, and there are several exits all along one side. If the contestant comes out of one of these wrong doors they'll fall into the lake and will also have lost the game.

If a contestant manages to make it through the maze, avoiding being caught by the Guards, exits through the correct door and lands safely on the mat floating on the water below - they win.

Ep# Variation
Extra guards within the maze will make a noise whenever they see a contestant to alert the Demons of their location.
3   Citrine Guards w/ Musical Instruments
4, 8  Screaming Mians
24   Dragon Dancers
Extra guards wait within the Maze to surprise and distract the contestant from making their way through.
5   Creepy Baby
11   Vampires
26   French Maid
Collect an Item
Contestants pick up an item from inside the Maze and take it with them to the goal. They must have the item to win.
15   Giant Rose
17   Inflatable Fish
22   Giant Diamond
23   Snowman
34   Giant Sceptre
35   Giant Tiara
36   Giant Ice Cream
41   Dwarf
43   Ginseng Root
13   Fake Friendly Rabbits
As a trick, the Demon Duo are disguised in rabbit costumes.
21   Booby-Trapped Room
A room in the Maze has all but one of its doors netted off.
31   Heart(-shaped Balloon) Attack
Players must avoid having their balloon burst by a Demon.
68   Gift-Giving
Contestants take in a giant present and must deliver it to the decorated room before heading for the goal.
Triple Threat
A third guard lurks in the maze to catch contestants.