Wear Shoes of the World / Foot Loose
Played: 20 times
First appeared: Ep 7 ¦ Last appeared: Ep 81

Laid out on the ground are lots of different pairs of footwear. These range from slippers to skis, tin can stilts to giant foam feet. On the whistle, the contestants all run over, grab a pair and put them on.

Once they've got the footwear on, they need to quickly make their way to the finish line by following a course laid out across the beach.

Along the way to the goal are several obstacles - these include a big sticky sheet, a slippery slope, and a bunch of tyres on the ground. The more unconventional the footwear the harder it is to move over these traps.

The contestants who are too slow in reaching the finishing line lose, and are out of the game.

In the team version all contestants must reach the finish line within 15 minutes to clear the game.

Used in Eps Course
7 Sticky Sheet > Tyres
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10 to 28 Sticky Sheet > Sea > Slope > Tyres
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32 to 81 Sticky Sheet > Mud Pit > Slope > Tyres
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Ep# Variation
56   Foot Loose, Hand Attached
Players are tied together at their wrists in groups of five.