Cross the Deadly Dominoes / Dominoes
Played: 15 times
First appeared: Ep 30 ¦ Last appeared: Ep 76

The contestant has to run across the top of a row of 14 giant dominoes to reach the finish platform. They need good balance, but also speed, as the dominoes are very easily toppled. Once one falls it will knock all the rest down too.

If a contestant manages to make it across all 14 dominoes they win the game. If they fall off, they lose.

Ep# Variation
39   Missing Domino
One domino is removed, creating a big gap to leap across.
49   Misaligned Middle
The middle dominoes sit to the right, not in a straight line.
55   Bear-in-Arms
Contestants must carry a giant teddy across the dominoes.
73   Confetti Cannons
Giant party poppers are set off next to players as they pass.