The Rifle Ball Bullets / Bridge Ball
Played: 37 times
First appeared: Ep 4 ¦ Last appeared: Ep 81

The contestant has to cross a thin wobbly bridge to the other side, whilst Guards fire balls at them, from cannons, to try and knock them off.

To make balancing on the bridge harder, the contestant has to carry their own golden ball. They must catch this at beginning of the bridge, as it is shot to them from the cannon, before continuing onwards. While crossing the bridge the contestant must hold onto the ball at all times; as if it drops, and they lose it, they can't continue.

If the contestant does drop the golden ball they have to go back to the start of the bridge to catch another one. Anyone who makes it across the bridge, with the golden ball in hand, wins.

Ep# Alteration
A toilet is fixed on the middle of the bridge as an obstacle.
10   Ms Sunshine
Ms Sunshine sits on the bridge to impede contestants.
11+   Second Cannon Added
Originally only one cannon was used to shoot contestants.
12   Big Blue Balls
Exercise balls are thrown at contestants.
13   Hay Storm
Giant fans blow hay at contestants from head-on.
15   Balloons
Giant balloons are fixed onto the bridge as added obstacles.
18   Water Slugs
Waterbombs are thrown at contestants.
23   Blizzard
A colourful blizzard blasts contestants form head-on.
25   Cake-Eating
Contestants must eat a cake placed in the middle the bridge.
27   Blood-Drinking
Contestants carry a beaker to a recepticle of 'blood' in the middle of the bridge, fill it up and drink it before continuing.
Meteor Shower
Contestants are pelted by various sized 'space rocks'.
34   Water Cannons
Two water cannons are fired at contestants.
35   Durian-Eating
Contestants must eat a durian in the middle the bridge.
40   Dinosaur Egg
A giant egg sits in the middle of the bridge as an obstacle.
Shot from Behind
The second cannon is positioned up on the start platform.
Volleyball Team
A volleyball team serves balls, replacing the second cannon.
64   Sticky Patch
A gluey sheet is attached to the middle of the bridge.
77   Giant Golden Ball
Contestants must carry an exercise ball across the bridge.
78   Big Feet
Contestants must wear over-sized rigid shoes.