Revolving Platform Calamity / Bridge the Gap
Played: 18 times
First appeared: Ep 2 ¦ Last appeared: Ep 57

This is a timed game. The contestants has two minutes to cross the obstacles and reach the finish platform.

They begin on a floating platform in the middle of a lake. When Shahkrit blows his whistle, the contestant must run across a walkway and climb two sets of steps to reach the Daruma Bridge. This is made up of four posts topped with giant darumas, each followed by a narrow wobbly footbridge. The contestant must climb over the four darumas, using the rope ladders strapped to them, and cross the four bridges to reach the midway platform.
To make this harder, and to force the contestantsto move quicker, a guard will chase them acorss the bridge and attempt to push them off (the guard didn't feature during the game's first two appearances).

Next there are two planks, both rotating around in the same direction in the air. The contestant has to jump onto the first one, ride it around until it meets up with the second plank and leap across. They then have to ride this second plank around to reach the finish platform.

If the contestant can jump onto the finish platform before the two minute timer is up they win the game; but if they run out of time, or fall into the water, they lose.

Ep# Variation
37   Fighter
There is no time limit. A fighter sits on the end of the second plank. Contestants must knock him off to continue.