Pass the Rolling Rocks / Runaway Rockaway
Played: 17 times
First appeared: Ep 1 ¦ Last appeared: Ep 48

The contestant has to get to the top of a steep uphill channel while avoiding giant boulders being rolled down towards them.

In the walls at the side are several gaps. To avoid a boulder, the contestant can try to hide in these gaps until it has passed. This isn't easy though, as there are Guards waiting in the gaps who will, after a breif pause, try to push the contestant back out again.

If a contestant manages to get all the way to the fortress at the top of the hill they win, and are through to the next game. However, if they get hit by a boulder they instantly lose the game.

Ep# Alteration
3   Water
A stream of water runs down the hill from the top.
7   Water Pistols
Contestants are squirted with water while in the safety gaps.
9   Tennis Balls
Buckets of tennis balls are rolled toward the contestant.
Guards use shields to push contestants out the safety gaps.
14   Cake
Contestants get cake in the face as they enter safety gaps.
16   Rainbow Balls
Numerous coloured balls are rolled towards the contestant.
Hoses blast water down from the top of the hill.
45   Playballs
A stream of thousands of small playballs runs down the hill.
48   Air Horns and Cymbals
Guards make loud noises to expel players from safetly gaps.