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   30 Years of Takeshi's Castle
    A special episode celebrating three decades of our favourite gameshow. Includes
    unseen clips, a look at Takeshi's Castle around the world, & every victory ever!
   The Top Ten Games
    To celebrate our 10th anniversary we ran a series of polls to determine
    the definitive top ten Takeshi's Castle games. Here we reveal the results!
   Remixed A-Z of Takeshi's Castle
    Take some fresh Tani, mix with classic Craig and sprinkle with original music
    and graphics. Voila! It's our exclusive Remixed A to Z. Just as it should be!
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Exclusive Series'

 ▶  Keshi Heads TV
    Click above to launch KHTV: home to our very own series' created especially
    for fans; featuring never-before-seen footage and classic Castle moments.

As Seen on TV

   Takeshi's Castle Live 2005
    Part of TBS' Spring 2005 All-Star Thanksgiving Festival; Takeshi's Castle
    was revived for one night only, starring the original cast. OA: 2nd April 2005
   A-Z of Takeshi's Castle
    The lost UK episode. This original A-Z special is no longer aired and is not
    available from TBS' programme catalogue. Final broadcast: 7th February 2009
   Mechaike does 'Skipping Stones'
    General Tani leads Nakai Masahiro into battle. He must cross the Stones
    and grab a lemon to flavour a fish dinner prize. OA: 5th & 26th January 2013
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   Interview with Hayato Tani
    In 2013, as part of the "Rebooted" series of Takeshi's Castle,
    Challenge recorded an exclusive interview with the General himself.
   Takeshi's Castle Rebooted Advert
    Promo for the Rebooted series featuring specially
    filmed footage of General Tani, from March 2013.
   Head to Head Advert
    Craig voices this promo for "Keshi's Head to Head"; a weekly text vote from
    August 2004 where viewers chose which of two Specials would be aired.
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Klassic Music Videos

   Let's Go!
    In the words of Tani, "Let's Go!".
    Music: "LET'S GO Rakuten Eagles" - DEF. DIVA.
   Winter Blunderland
    Our snowy music video from Christmas 2005.
    Music: "Winter Wonderland" - Bing Crosby.
   Monsters Mashed
    Monsters get mashed by Takeshi's games.
    Music: "Monster Mash" - Bobby Pickett.
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Click a game to listen to its original background music. The player will pop-up in a new window.

Key - BGM is/from a:

Anime   Classical   Film   Game   Song   Sports   TV Show

    "Bomberman" from Hudson Game Music.

   Ball Cupping
    "Leona's Pursuit" from Dominion Tank Police.

   Berryz Go-Go
    "Honky-Tonk Piano" from Dominion Tank Police.

   Big Bird
    "Flying Alive" from Taito Game Music

   Bite the Bun
    "1941 Theme" Theme.

   Blueberry Hill
    "Sonson" from Capcon Game Music.

   Bridge Ball
    "Combat! March" by Leonard Rosenman.

   Bridge the Gap
    "Nuts and Milk" from Hudson Game Music.

   Buggy Me (Intro)
    "AJAX Cross Point" from Konami Game Music Vol. 4.

   Catch It
    "Vibrations" by James Last Band.

   Cheeze-berry Hill
    "Buta-san" from Jaleco Game Music.

   Corn Cob Trip
    "Rantou! Ransen! Ranma Panic!" from Ranma 1-2.

   Deep Float
    "The Longest Day" Theme.

   Dino Ride
    "O.K. Corral" by Franck Pourcel.

    "Symphonic March" from Ultraman Symphony.

    "Rat Patrol" Theme.

   Dragon Lake
    "Cancan" by Jacques Offenbach.

   Drop in the Ocean
    "Thunderbirds Are Go!" by FAB ft. MC Parker.

   End Bell
    "Delta Force" Theme.

    "Wolf of the Battlefield" from Capcom Game Music.

   Flag Down
    "Disco Star Wars" by Meco.

   Foot Loose
    'Track 8' from Ganbare! Kickers.

    "Hospital Chase" from Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.

    "Fantasy Zone" from Sega Game Music Vol. 2.

   Giant Maze
    "Star Wars" Theme.

   Go Nuts
    "Donguri Korokoro".

   Great Wall
    "633 Squadron" Theme.

   Grid Iron
    "Raw Power" by John Devereaux and David Reilly.

   High Rollers
    "Voyage to Dreamquest" from Godzilla Legend 2.

   Home Run
    "Animal's Theme" by Godaigo.

   Honeycomb Maze
    "Enter the Dragon" Theme.

    "Sunshine Drive" from B.B. (Burning Blood).

   Knock Knock
    "Kagemusha" from Troop Parade.

   Leap Frog
    "Moving On" from The Runaway Train.

   Line Up (Christmas)
    "March of the Elves" from Santa Claus: The Movie.

   Match Maker
    "Hoosiers" Theme.

   Mud Ball
    "Taiyoga Kureta Kisetsu" by Blue Triangle.

   Mud Slide
    "Combat March" baseball cheer song.

   Mushroom Trip
    "Raiders March" from Raiders of the Lost Ark.

    "Okunitorida na Moshi Okunidori" from Sengoku Busho Retsuden Bakufu Doji Hissatsuman.

   Nut Roll
    "Critter Skitter" from Critters.

   Oh Deer
    "Monja Mura no Soudou" from Mashin Hero Wataru.

   Oh Ma Ha Beach
    "Sanchin Okoru" from Prefectural Earth Defense Force.

   On the Rocks
    "Prologue~ Super Deadly Drive" from Maris the Chojo.

   On Yer Bike (Intro)
    "Grand Prix" Theme.

   On Yer Bike (Race)
    "Celebration" by T-SQUARE.

   Poles Apart
    "Power Spots Theme" by Bill Conti.

   Puck Over (Throw)
    Opening Theme from NEW Hissatsu Shigotonin.

   Pushy Parents
    "Marine's Hymn" from Full Metal Jacket.

    "Mysterians March" from Godzilla Legend 2.

   Rat Race
    "Adventures" from Music of Super Mario Bros. 3 CD.

   Ride the Wave
    "Star Soldier" from Hudson Game Music.

   Roller Derby
    "Hashire Koutaro" by Salty Sugar.

   Roll Out the Barrel
    "Dragon Quest Fight" from Dragon Quest 2.

   Roll the Dice
    "Athena" from SNK Game Music.

    "...Not Learnt By Experience" from Dominion Tank Police.

   Run Way
    "Moodido" by Toto.

   Samurai Back
    Soundtrack from Anmitsu Hime.

   Sand Flee
    "William Tell Overture" by Gioachino Rossini.

    "Mt Tsukuba Fight Scene" from Far East of Eden: Ziria.

   Shoot 'N' Loot
    "Capcom World" from Final Fight G.S.M. Capcom 3.

   Show of Hands
    "Sky Kid" from Namco Video Game Graffiti.

   Single Roller
    "The Chosen One" from The Golden Child.

   Skipping Stones
    "Escape from Torture" from First Blood Part II.

   Skipping Stones (/Dragon Lake - Episode 1)
     Namco's "Libble Rabble".

   Sling Swing Fling
    "Odoru Ponpokorin" by B.B. Queens.

   Slipped Disks
    "Thunderbirds March" from Thunderbirds.

   Slip Way
    "Bridge over the River Kwai" Theme.

   Stock Pot Racing
    "Dare ga Konna Otoko to Iinazuke" from Ranma 1-2.

   Streets Ahead
    "Action Theme" from Norakuro-kun.

   Tug of War (Choosing BGM)
    "Dot Shooter" from Taito Game Music.

   Tug of War (Pulling BGM)
    "Japonica" by Katsuhisa Hattori.

   Turtle Hurtle
    "Mick Meets New York" from Crocodile Dundee.

   Wet Paint
    "Difficult Winding Road" from Bari Bari Densetsu.

   Whack the Stack
    "Battle of Britain" Theme.

   Wipe Out
    "Surfing USA, Instrumental" by Beach Boys.

   Wipe Out (Obstacle SP)
    "Aquatic" from Music of Super Mario Bros. 3 CD.

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In the late 80s, Bandai relased two Takeshi's Castle games for the Famicom (NES). These were part of the Family Trainer series in which the games were controlled by stepping on a floor mat.
The Takeshi Jou games were only ever relased in Japan, but you can now download both to play for yourself.

  Fuun Takeshi Jou 1 & 2 + NesterJ
   Zipped file contains "Totsugeki! Fuuun Takeshi Jou",
   "Fuuun! Takeshi Jou Two" and NesterJ Emulator.

How to play
1) Run NesterJ, go to File > Open ROM > Choose game
2) Go to Option > Select Device > Family Trainer (side B)
3)* Go to Option > Controllers > Change:
      "Select" to 'L'
      "Start" to 'K'
      "B" to '.'
      "A" to '/'
* You will only need to do this the first time you play.

Full Instructions
We have put together guides on how to play both games. Click a title below and the guide will pop-up in a new window.

  Totsugeki! Fuuun Takeshi Jou
  Fuuun! Takeshi Jou Two

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By sending off the tokens found in each of the 2009/2010 official Takeshi's Castle DVD sets you could claim a free gift box. Included in this box was a board game.
Below you can print off an exclusive Keshi Heads version of this game, which has been fully translated into English.

The board is split into four sections. Print each quarter onto a sheet of A4 card, or paper, cut around the edges and stick them together. The images all slightly overlap to make them easy to line-up.
  Top left-hand section
  Top right-hand section
  Bottom left-hand section
  Bottom right-hand section

Dice and Counters
Two dice are needed to play the game. A regular dice and the Event Dice. Print off the image below, glue it to some card, and cut all the pieces out. Fold and stick the dice together.
  Dice and Counters

• All players begin on the "Start" space and take it in turns to roll the dice to determine the number of spaces they can move their counter forwards.
• If a player's counter ends up on a space with an instruction written on it, the player must follow the direction (eg. Advance 3, or Miss a Turn).
• When a player reaches a "STOP" sign, even if they do not land directly on it, they must stop here despite the number of moves they rolled. Upon their next turn the player has to attempt to clear the space they're stopped on by following the rules of the game.
- If they fail, the player must keep attempting to clear the space on each of their following turns until they are successful.
- Once the player successfully clears the "STOP" game they can roll the dice and move forward the determined number of spaces.
• The first person to reach the "Goal" is the winner.

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