"Alrighty, Keshi-heads!"
Craig Charles, 2003

Keshi-head /kɛʃi: hɛd/ n. (pl. -s) A fan of the cult classic Japanese gameshow "Takeshi's Castle".

Back in 2004, production of the UK version of Takeshi's Castle had just come to an end, but, Takeshi fever in the UK was reaching its peak. While the show had a huge fanbase, there was not a lot of information about it online; and a lot of what there was wasn't accurate.
We wanted to change this and provide all the information a Keshi-head could ever need. So, in May 2004, Keshi Heads was launched!

Since then we've changed, grown and expended. Check out a few of the different looks Keshi Heads has had since 2004...


Over the years we've created fansites for other TV shows, including Haromoni (in 2006), Viking and Ninja Warrior (in 2007), Unbeatable Banzuke (in 2008), and Wipeout (in 2009).

More recently we've moved our focus from building websites to producing videos, and have created YouTube channels dedicated to some of our favourite TV shows and people. These include our exclusive Best Of Takeshi's Castle Thailand series', Entscue - translated clips from entertainment show Yaguchi Hitori, and Our Girl Jamie - our most popular channel, dedicated to Korean singer Jimin Park.

The hub of all our projects is Keshi Heads Forum, which has grown from being a Takeshi's Castle-only discussion group into a community to chat about gameshows from all over the world, and a place to share the things that YOU enjoy with everyone else in the KH Family!

Thanks for visiting Keshi Heads :)