Laddery Lottery of Difficult Times   

  Go down the winning slide
  Get dumped in a mud pit
  Four of the five routes lead to failure

There is a row of five doors. The contestant has to choose one of these and go through.
Through the door is a yellow path, which the contestant must follow until they reach a junction with another road leading off of it. Now they have to cross over onto this adjoining path.
The contestant must keep travelling in this way - following the paths and changing direction at every junction they come to - until they reach one of five slides. Now they have to climb up the steps, being chased by Strong and Kibaji to speed them up, and go down the slide.
One of the slides leads to dry land, a Hawaiian celebration, and the next game. The other four will drop the contestant into pits of mud.

Played   1  time;  in episode:

 BGM:  Track 2 - Heart of Dragon OST

The game is based on a Ghost Leg method of creating random pairings between two sets of things.


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