Stick to the wall
  Fall in the water
  You may come unstuck

The contestant wears a suit with velcro on the front, and starts on a platform at the side of a pool. On the other side of the pool is a big board covered in fuzzy material.
Using a trapeze on a long rope, they have to to swing over the lake, let go of the rope, and stick themselves onto the board. The contestant must stay stuck on the wall to win the game.
As extra humiliation for the losers who don't stick, a guard (usually Animal) will blast them with a fire hose.

Played   14  times;  in episodes:
88, 89, 91-93, 97-98, 102, 105-107, 111-112, 121

88 Velcro Armour
Contestants wear velcro cuffs on their arms and legs, and a velcro chest piece.
From the next episode these were replaced by a boilersuit covered in velcro.

 BGM:  Track 8 - Heart of Dragon OST

The wall originally looked like an iceberg, before being changed to a spider's web theme in episode 91. To match this, Animal joined the game dressed as a giant spider.
From episode 98 the design of the wall became a house with a giant window - the pad that contestants must stick to - and a smaller window above it. In family and couples versions one half the pair can look through this small window to watch their child/partner play the game.


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