Mouth of the Devil   

  Drop onto the goal platform
  Drop into the mud
  You can't see outside of the box

The contestant gets into a box that is suspended over a pit of mud. Once inside they have to use a pulley to move themselves along.
In the middle of the mud pit is a platform, which the contestant has to try and position their box above. However, because they can't see whereabouts they are, it's all down to guesswork.
Once they think they're over the platform, the contestant has to pull a lever to open the trapdoor in the bottom of the box - leading them to fall (hopefully) onto the goal, and not into the mud below.

Played   2  times;  in episodes:
3, 4

 BGM:  "The Raiders March" - Raiders of the Lost Ark

There was actually a mark directly above the goal. If a contestant noticed this they'd know exactly where to position themselves to land on the platform.
Takeshi would shout out misleading information to try and trick contestants into pulling the lever in the wrong place.


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