Second Fort   

  Reach the fort at the top of the hill
  Have your ring broken
  The hill is very steep

The contestant starts at the bottom of the hill with a water pistol and a paper ring stuck on their helmet or gun. They need to climb up the hill to reach the fort at the top; but coming down the other way, trying to stop the contestant, is a guard - often dressed in a costume.
The guard also has a ring and a water pistol. As they reach each other, the contestant and guard must try and break each other's rings by shooting water at them.
If the contestant breaks the guard's ring first they win, and can go through the fort at the top of the hill to move on to the next game. However, if the guard breaks the contestant's ring first they've lost the fight, and are sent back down the hill.

Played   12  times;  in episodes:

5 Group Attack
All the contestants climb the hill togehter while battling 12 guards. The contestants have to break all the guards' rings to win the game.

 BGM:  "Thunderbirds" Theme

Occasionally more than one guard will appear to take on a contestant. In this case, if there are multiple rings, all of their rings must be broken to beat them.


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