Parent Turtle, Child Turtle   

  Reach the end of the path
  Fall into the water
  No looking or feeling

The parent has to crawl along a narrow winding snake pathway, in the middle of a lake, while carrying their kid on their back. To make this harder; both are dressed as turtles, and the parent can't see as they're blindfolded, and can't feel properly because of pads on their hands!
To begin they crawl down a short ramp. About halfway through the path goes in a big curve and gets even narrower. After this it widens back up to its original width, before finally ending with another ramp to crawl up to reach the goal.

Played   1  time;  in episode:

 BGM:  "Mick Meets New York" - Crocodile Dundee

No pair was seen to reach the goal, except for the one used as an example.


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