Hello Turtle, Turtle-san   

  Cross the turtles and reach the finish platform
  Fall into the sea
  The pirates won't rest until you're in the water

A long bridge of slippery turtle-shaped platforms are floating in the sea. On the whistle, the contestant must start running over them to reach the finish platform at the other end.
A few seconds after the whistle is blown a guard is released from a cage on the starting platform, and takes chase after the contestant. The contestant needs to be quick, as if the guard catches them they'll be thrown into the water.

Played   2  times;  in episodes:
73, 116

 BGM:  "Mick Meets New York" - Crocodile Dundee

In episode 73 there are 14 turtles to cross - some with larger gaps between them than others.
In episode 116 there are 21 turtles, all spaced evenly.


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