Pulling Hell   

  Pull your opponent over the line
  Get pulled over the line
  Some opponents are impossible to beat

A seemingly simple tug of war.
Contestants select a rope without being able to see who - or what - is on the other side. On the whistle, the contestants pull on their end of the rope while their opponent/s pull on the other end.
The first to pull the marked section of the rope over the centre line wins.

Played   3  times;  in episodes:
41, 88, 89

41 Group Tug
Contestants play as a team. They select one of four ropes leading underneath a barrier. Once they've selected a rope, the barrier is lifted to reveal their opponent. The war now begins.
88 & 89 Mystery Tug
There are five ropes to choose from, each leading through a set of doors. The rules are the same, except their opponent isn't revealed until after the battle is over and the door is finally opened.

 BGM:  "Dot Shooter" - Taito Game Music & "Japonica" by Katsuhisa Hattori

Ep# Opponents
41 Youshichi Shimada Four
Sumo Guards
20 Boys 800 People
88 Rie Hatada Elephant Nishimura-kun Shin Suganuma
Four Black-Handed Black-Hearted Guards
Yoroi Chuu Cow Piglet Bulldozer
89 Rie Hatada Michiru Jo
Four Black-Handed Black-Hearted Guards
Cow Bulldozer


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