Hot Spring Karuta / Underwater Karuta Study

  Grab the correct card from underwater
  Get beaten to the correct card
  Steam, or waist floats

A group of contestants play at the same time, starting at the edge of a pool. Laying on the bottom of the pool are a selection of cards/mats. A question is asked and the contestants have to dive underwater to find a card or mat with the correct answer on. The person to bring the correct answer to the surface wins.

Played   2  times;  in episodes:
86, 116

86 Onsen Offensive
A group of eight contestants play the game in a hot tub. A sentence is read out and the contestants must find the card that has the same character as begun the sentence.
Three rounds are played per group.
116 Pool Sharks
A group ten contestants play in a swimming pool. At the bottom of the pool are lots of mats with numbers on. A maths equation is read out and the contestants must dive into the pool to find the mat with the correct answer.
Men wear floats around their waists as a handicap.
Five rounds are played per group.

 BGM:  "Sky Kid (Arranged Theme)" - Namco Game Music

The first version was played in the outdoor onsen pool at the Hotel Sporea Yuzawa, in Niigata. The second was at a hotel swimming pool in Okinawa.


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