River-Climbing Salmon   

  Take a vegetable into the pot before the time is up
  Fail to be in the pot when the final whistle blows
  This isn't a slow boil

On the whistle, all the contestants have to try and climb over a small slippery slope. Once they've made it up, they slide down the other side.
Next there is a long net on the ground that must be crawled under. Standing on top of the net are guards, trying to stop the contestants moving through.
On the other side of the net are a patch of large vegetables. Men must grab a leek and women must grab a carrot, then take them into a giant cooking pot to clear the game.

Played   1  time;  in episode:

 BGM:  "Who's This Married Guy" - Ranma 1/2

The contestants represent fish - first climbing up a a waterfall, then being caught in a net, before ending up in a cooking pot with vegetables!


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