Bridge Over The Battlefield   

  Stop on the goal area
  End up in the water
  Push too hard or too soft and you're gone

There is a board at the end of a long runway. The contestant has to run up and jump on the board to slide along.
The aim is to end up on the arrow, or in the goal area, right at the end of the runway. If the contestant pushes off too hard they'll slide straight off the end, into the water below. If they don't push off hard enough they won't reach the goal, will come up short, and will get pushed off into the water by Okada the Sea Goblin.

Played   24  times;  in episodes:
17-19, 21, 25, 28, 29, 40, 47, 51, 53, 58, 62, 63, 68, 70-73, 99, 117, 121, 123, 130

 BGM:  "Colonel Bogey March" performed by London Festival Orchestra


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