Boundary Slope   

  Get over the wall before the time is up
  Fail to get up the slope before the whistle blows
  The longer you take the more slippery it gets

All the contestants have to try and climb up this steep slippery slope to make it into the castle grounds. There are ropes placed at the top of the wall to help, but the contestants have to get most of the way up the slope to reach them.
Once up, they slide down the slope on the other side; usually ending up in water traps or pools of mud.

Played   16  times;  in episodes:
5-18, 21, 23, 130

130 Slippery Ball
Lots of balls hang from wires in the air, above the slope on the back of the wall. Once the contestants have climbed up, they must grab a ball on their way down the other side in order to clear the game.

 BGM:  "633 Squadron" Theme

The slope is built at a 40 degree angle.
Originally, if you landed in the water on the other side of the wall you were disqualified - but this rule was never strictly followed.
In usually requires teamwork to climb the slope. Most contestants work together to form human ladders to help each other up.


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