Boinging Pompokolin   

  Throw the ball into the pot
  Fail to get the ball in the pot
  The bounce of the bungee is unpredictable

The contestant is strapped into a harness and hung high above a mud pit. On the General's command they are pulled along a wire in the air.
Floating in the middle of the muddy water pit below is a bowl with a ball in it. When they're near enough; the contestant must pull a cord that will drop them down on a bungee rope so that they can grab the ball, then quickly throw this ball into a pot at the end of the pit.
If they miss, or didn't manage to pick up the ball in the first place, the contestant loses, and gets dunked and has their face blackened by the Okada.

Played   1  time;  in episode:

 BGM:  "Dancing Pompokolin (Instrumental)" by B.B. Queens

The song "Dancing Pompokolin" was a huge hit at the time, so this game was named after it and the song used as its background music.


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