Scarred Roller   

  Reach the finish platform
  Fall into the water
  The track gets steeper

A large cylinder is laid on a metal track, above water. The contestant stands on top of the cylinder and has to move it along the rails to the end.
The track slopes slightly downhill to begin with, then flattens off towards the middle before turning into a steeper slope near the end; so the contestant needs excellent balance to stay on top as the cylinder rolls down.
There's a gap between the end of the track and the finish platform, so contestant needs to make a leap to land safely.

Played   3  times;  in episodes:
115, 117, 119

 BGM:  "The Chosen One" - The Golden Child

The Japanese name for this game - "Scarred Roller" - is a pun on the title of song by Hideki Saijo - "Scarred Lola".


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