Cart Battle   

  Break Takeshi's ring / shoot his sensor
  Have your ring broken / sensor shot
  The guards' guns are more powerful

The contestants that have chosen a safe hole in Final Fall follow the underground tunnel and come out the pipe in front of the castle. They then board a motorised cart each (or, if there are a lot of contestants through, some must share a cart). Each cart has a target on the front and a gun.
On the opposite side of the "car park" to the contestants are the guards. They share five carts of their own, which also have targets on the front. There are usually two or three guards in one cart, and every guard has a gun.
There is one other cart on the guards' side - Takeshi's cart. Takeshi's cart is much bigger than everyone else's, but also has a target on the front.
On the General's command the assault begins, and the contestants and guards drive into battle. The contestants' aim is to shoot the target on the front of Takeshi's cart with their guns, but they must avoid having their own target shot by the guards in the process. Once any cart has its target shot it's out of the battle, and must stop fighting.
If a contestant manages to successfully shoot Takeshi's target, they, and the General, win the game. But if all the contestants are defeated first it's the end of the battle, and the General and his army have lost.

Played   123  times;  in episodes:
5-100, 102-127, 130

5 to 87 Pistols and Rings
The target on the front of each cart is a paper ring, and all players are armed with water pistols. When a cart's ring gets too wet and tears the contestants on board are eliminated from the game.
88 to 130 Lasers and Sensors
The target on the front of each cart is a sensor, and all the players are armed with laser guns. When a sensor is hit by a laser it will set off a smoke bomb on the cart to signal that the vehicle has been defeated.
The General also takes part, driving his own cart.

 BGM:  "Takeshis Castle" Theme

Takeshi sometimes tries out different tactics.
In episode 69 only one cart from each team was sent into battle at a time.
In episodes 93 to 109, instead of being in his cart, Takeshi sat in a plane hanging high above the carts - shooting contestants from above.
From episode 121 to 127, Itamae dressed in a cart costume and ran around the car park with his own gun and sensor on his helmet!
In episodes 5 to 9 the carts were themed like electronic bugs - yellow for the contestants and pink for the guards.
In episodes 10, 12 and 14 the carts were sea-themed. The contestants drove whales, while the guards rode sharks and Takeshi had a big ship.
Episodes 11 and 13 had insect-themed carts. The contestants' carts were bees, the guards' carts were ants and Takeshi drove a big beetle.
From episode 15 the carts changed to their famous futuristic design - red and white for contestants and blue, yellow and white for the guards; while Takeshi had an orange and white tank. In episode 21 Takeshi's tank was painted gold.
From episode 75, each of the contestant carts became a different colour, rather than all red.


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