Castle Battle   

  Break Takeshi's ring
  Have your ring broken
  The guards closer to Takeshi have stronger pistols

The contestants that have chosen a safe hole in Final Fall follow the underground tunnel and come out of a hole in the ground in front of the castle. Each contestant is armed with a water pistol and has a paper ring stuck on their helmet.
When the General gives the command, all the contestants rush over to the castle, cross the drawbridge, and attempt to storm it. Their aim is to reach Takeshi at the top of the castle.
However, to stop them getting to the top, the guards are positioned all around the castle. They also have water pistols and rings on their helmets. On their way up, the contestants need to protect their rings - avoiding having them shot by the guards. If a contestant's ring gets broken they are out of the game and have to leave the castle.The contestants can fight back though. If they break a guard's ring he cannot shoot anymore.
If any contestant manages to reach the top of the castle, with their ring in tact, they must try and break Takeshi's own ring to win.
If Takeshi's ring is broken the castle has been stormed and the contestant, and the General, has won. But if all the contestants have their rings broken it's the end of the game, and the General and his army have lost.

Played   4  times;  in episodes:

2 Tiny Ring
Takeshi's paper target is much smaller than everyone else's
3, 4 Turret Truck
Takeshi sits inside a little turret on wheels, with his ring stuck on top of the roof. The ring is much bigger than before, but the turret constantly slides from side-to-side.

 BGM:  "Takeshis Castle" Theme


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