Gah! I Don't Know   

  Give the correct answer to the sum
  Fail to give the correct answer
  There's only around 5 seconds to both read and calculate the answer

The contestant sits in a round sledge at the top of a runway. To begin the game, Popcorn push the sled down the track.
As the contestant is sliding along, several boards are turned around at the side of the runway. Each board has a number or mathematical sign on, so together all the boards make up a long sum. The contestant has to quickly work out the equation as they reach the end of the track.
When they stop at the end the contestant must tell Yoshichi the answer to the sum. If they've got the answer right they win the game. However if they get the answer wrong, or take too long working it out, the end of the runway will collapse and the contestant will be dropped into a pit of powder or mud below.

Played   6  times;  in episodes:
75, 81, 105, 106, 123, 124

 BGM:  "Moodido" by Toto


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