Boundary Roulette   

  Don't have the chosen number or colour
  Have the number or colour the wheel lands on
  It's all down to luck

When the game begins, all the contestants run out from behind a set of doors and over to a bath of powder. Buried in the powder are lots of disks. Written on each disk is either a number from 0 to 36, "Odd", "Even", "Black" or "Red". Once they have a disk, the contestants have to go and sit on the corresponding space on a giant roulette table.
When everyone is in place, Jo spins a roulette wheel. The contestants sitting on the chosen number are scraped away and are out of the game. The contestants sitting on red or black and odd or even are also out, depending on what the 'winning' number is. All the other contestants move on to the next round.

Played   2  times;  in episodes:
125, 126

 BGM:  "Tank Police no Korinai Menmen" - Dominion

The first time the game was played a regular casino roulette wheel was used. For the second appearance a giant vertical wheel was made.


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