Combinations of Love   

  Roll a total matching your choice - an odd or even number
  Roll a total of the opposite parity chosen
  It's all down to luck

The couple is asked to decide whether they want to roll for an odd or even number. Both contestants then get into a pair of giant dice; with their helmets sticking out the top forming the number ones.
The first contestant, inside the dice, is rolled down a slope into the playing area. After they have stopped rolling at the bottom, their partner is pushed down from another slope to the right.
The numbers that have been rolled on the two dice are added together. The total must be the same type of number - odd or even - as the couple chose at the start of the game.

Played   1  time;  in episode:

 BGM:  "World of Forest" - Athena arcade game

The Roll the Dice arena was built on the back of the Blueberry Hill/Skittles slope.


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