Stab and Be Stabbed   

  Pick the safe slots in the barrel
  Choose a slot that will make the lid pop up
  Two of the slots are dangerous

Roll Out the Barrel is a life-size game of Pop Up Pirate. The contestant sits on a disk on top of a massive barrel, in front of a slide.
In the side of the barrel are slots, numbered one to six. The contestant chooses one of the holes to push a giant sword into. Four of the slots are safe, but two of them will end the game.
If a contestant choses one of the two danger slots, pushing the sword in will cause the top of the barrel to pop up and the contestant will be tipped down the slide and into the lake at the bottom.
If the slot they choose is safe, the game continues until only two or three slots remain.

Played   3  times;  in episodes:
42, 47, 56

42 & 56 Pop Up Parent
In family episodes, the parent sits on top of the barrel while the kids choose the slots and push in the swords.
In episode 42, all four safe slots had to have a sword inserted into them to win the game. For the following appearance this was reduced to having to find only three safe holes.
47 Solo Pirate
While sitting on top of the barrel, the contestant chooses the holes by displaying a numbered sign. Jo does the honors of inserting the swords.

 BGM:  "Mesa March" - War of the Garganouts, "Fight" - Dragon Quest II


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