Horse Race Challenge   

  Finish in first or second place
  Get beaten by two other horses
  There may be hurdles along the way

Six contestants play at a time. All of them are dressed as horses and wear roller skates.
When the General fires the starting pistol the race begins. The contestants skate out from their starting blocks and race to the finish line at the end of the road.

Played   7  times;  in episodes:
48, 49, 54, 79, 84, 99, 118

48 Flat Racing
A straight race to the finish line - there are no hurdles to jump.
49 Four Fences
Four hurdles are placed along the road - all of the same size except the final one, which is bigger than the rest. The contestants have to step over these hurdles to carry on, dragging the back legs of their costumes (which are also on wheels) over as they go.
54 Three Fences
There are now only three hurdles. The first two are the same size while the final one is bigger.
79+ Three Fences More
Each of the three hurdles increase in size.

 BGM:  "Run Kotaro (Instrumental)" by Salty Sugar

In some races Emerald Guards take the place of half of the contestants.


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