Do Your Best, Whales   

  Reach the finish line
  Tip your bike over
  Cannonfire and uneven surfaces

Contestants ride a bicycle, which looks like a whale, around a track. When the starting whistle is blown, the contestant rolls down a short ramp and has to cycle around a long snaking path.
Along this path are several obstacles to navigate; including big pebble-like bumps, thinner stick-like bumps, a seesaw, and cannon-fire from the guards - trying to knock the contestants over.

Played   5  times;  in episodes:
26, 28, 30, 86, 87

26 Track One
Following the starting ramp the track turns into a series of four 90 degree corners. Following a straight section is another 90 degree corner leading into an uneven section of rounded bumps. Past this is another corner and into a straight of mini stick-like speed bumps. Next is a U-turn comprising of two 90 degree corners, and another long straight of unevenness - but this time the contestant is also bombarded by cannonfire. Clear this section and it's a final 90 degree turn to the finish line.
28 Track Two
This is a single straight track - but on an ice rink! There are icebergs dotted along the path as obstacles, and cannonfire from the middle of the track.
30 Track Three
Similar to the first track, but this time the rounded bumps and stick-like bumps are switched around, and a seesaw is added in the middle of the long straight before the finish line - which is now positioned on what was the second corner of the U-turn section, with the track being shortened. Cannonballs are shot during this final straight.
86 Track Four
A modified version of track three, with a surprise snow shower instead of the first set of bumps. The second set of bumps, after the seesaw, are also gone; while the cannons now fire during the first section of the course.
87 Track Five
The same as track four, except the first set of bumps return and are now joined by steam jets and cannonfire at the same time!

 BGM:  "Star Soldier-Arranged Version" - Hudson Game Music


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