Midoriyama Battle: Game 2   

  Reach the finish line in a fast time
  Take too long to complete the course
  You cannot continue until you've successfully cleared each section

All the contestants at once race through this obstacle course, which is made up of three other Takeshi's Castle games.
The contestants begin at the starting line and, when the whistle is blown, have to try and get over a Slippery Wall. Once over the first wall, there is a second one to scale.
After the Walls, the contestants enter the Honeycomb Maze. As usual, they have to get from the entrance to the exit while avoiding Kibaji and Animal. To help them through, Jo is standing on top of the maze to shout out directions.
Finally, only if they have made it out of the right exit in the maze, the contestants must cross the Skipping Stones. They have to choose the right stones to make it across the lake, avoiding the sinking ones. On the far bank of the pond is the finish line.

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 BGM:  "Adventures" - Super Mario Bros. 3


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