Biff Pow Splash   

  Prod the guard into the water
  Get prodded into the water
  Some guards are expert prodders

The contestant has to blindly pick a coloured ball out of a box. The colour of ball they pick represents the guard they'll be fighting against.
In the middle of a pool are two small round platforms, a short distance from each other. The contestant stands on one of these platforms while the chosen guard stands on the other. Each of them has a long lance with a big rounded end on it.
On the whistle, the contestant and guard have to push and prod each other with their lances - trying to knock each other off of the platforms. If the contestant manages to push the guard into the water they win the game; but if the guard pushes them off first, the contestant has lost.

Played   1  time;  in episode:

 BGM:  Track 7 - Fearless Hyena 2 OST

Prod is a game from the Taiwanese version of Takeshi's Castle - "100 Wars 100 Victories" - played when the General and his army visited the set of that show.


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