Okinawa Qualifier   

  Be one of the 7 fastest men / 3 fastest woman
  Take too long to finish the course
  You cannot continue until you've successfully cleared each section

Two contestants at a time race each other through this obstacle course.
They begin on a floating starting mat in the sea. When the whistle blows, the contestants have to leap across a row of six smaller slippery floating platforms. They must then jump into the sea and swim to the shore.
When they reach the shore, the contestants need to slip a ring around their waists. Attached to the ring is a big rake, which also has tyres tied to the end during the mens' races. They must run up the beach while dragging the rakes behind them, until they reach a loop of plastic.
Now the contestants need to take off the rake and get in the middle of the plastic loop. Inside these they must roll up the beach (like a tank track) over to a Slippery Wall.
Finally the contestants must climb this wall, which has water running down it, to reach the goal at the top.

Played   1  time;  in episode:

 BGM:  "Sanchin Gets Angry" - Prefectural Earth Defense Force


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