Sumaki Ball Run   

  Reach the goal at the top of the hill
  Fall down the hill
  The nuts roll unpredictably

The contestant has to make their way to the top of a steep hill while avoiding giant nuts that are being rolled down towards them.
To make things harder, the contestants are wrapped in padding and a straw mat to make it difficult to move very easily. The hill is also covered in thick foam, which makes it harder to climb.
Getting hit by a nut doesn't automatically mean a contestant has lost, but it's likely it will knock them off of their feet anyway.

Played   1  time;  in episode:

 BGM:  "Critter Skitter" - Critters

"Sumaki" is a historic act of wrapping a person in straw mat and throwing them into water as a punishment or execution. Thankfully there is no water involved in this game.
Just hours after the game appeared on TV, an arsonist broke into the studios and set a fire - burning down the fort and setting the hill ablaze. Therefore this game was only played the one time.


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