Boundary of Perfection   

  Match your shape to its hole
  Fail to find the hole for your shape in time
  Some shapes do not have matching holes

Laid out on the ground are lots of big polystyrene shapes, and lots of mats with matching holes cut out of them. When the game begins, all the contestants run out from behind a set of doors and grab a shape. They must then race over to the mats and try to find the one that their shape fits into.
If they can find the matching mat, they slot their shape into the hole and sit on it to signify that they've finished.

Played   11  times;  in episodes:
76, 78, 80, 84, 86, 99, 103, 112, 119, 122, 130

130 Match Maker Island
A special version of Match Maker was played on the beach. All the mats were laid out on the sand, while the shapes were placed on a floating children's playground in the sea. On the starting whistle, all the contestants swim out to the playground and grab a shape each. They then have to swim back to shore with their shape to try and find the matching mat.

 BGM:  "Best Shot" - Hoosiers

In episode 99, a Regional special, the mats were laid out in the shape of a map of Japan.
In episode 103, for a Middle School special, historical facts were written on the shapes and dates on the mats. The idea was to match the fact to the year it happened - but none of the kids did this and just searched for the correct hole for their shape instead!


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