Boundary of Christmas / Boundary of New Year

  Reach the finish line as a group before the final whistle
  Fail to cross the finish line before the time is up
  Be quick or you'll struggle to form a group in time

Lots of rolled up bibs are hanging from ropes in the air. When the game starts, all the contestants run out from behind a set of doors and grab a bib for themselves. They must unroll it and put it on.
All the bibs have one of six characters on; either "Fu", "un", "ta", "ke", "shi" or "jou". When they're wearing a bib, the contestants have to find five other people, each with a different bib. After forming a group with one of each character, the contestants must line up to spell out "Fuun Takeshi Jou" ("Showdown Takeshi's Castle").
Once in the right order they must tie their legs together, just like in a three-legged race - except this is a seven-legged version! Then it's a race to the finish line.

Played   2  times;  in episodes:
115, 117

 BGM:  "March of the Elves" - Santa Claus: The Movie / "Bittersweet Panic" - Anmitsu Hime


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