The Longest Yard   

  Reach the End Zone with the ball
  Get tackled by the guards
  The guards don't play by the rules

The exact riles of Grid Iron often vary; but the main aim is for the contestant to reach the End Zone on a small American football pitch, while carrying a ball. Several guards, dressed in big foam uniforms, will try to stop them on the way.
The contestants can't step over the pitch's edge or they'll be out automatically.

Played   15  times;  in episodes:
69, 70-72, 74-75, 77, 88, 90-94, 102, 107

69, 88-93, 107 Catch and Go
The General throws the ball to the contestant. They have to catch it and then start running.
The men face seven guards (eight in episode 69), and the women face five.
70 & 71 Five-Ten
Five contestants play at once. On the whistle they all run and pick up one of five balls placed in the middle of the pitch, and must then try to get past 10 guards. Those who reach End Zone, with a ball in hand, win the game.
72, 74, 75 & 77 Run and Grab
The ball is placed in the middle of the pitch. When the whistle blows, the contestant and a guard run to grab it. The contestant has to get there first or else they'll have to try and get the ball off of the guards, which is dangerous as they could get tackled.
Men face seven guards (eight in episode 77) and the women face five.
94 Shown the Card
The contestant picks a card, numbered from one to eight, at random. The number they pick is the number of guards they have to avoid.
102 Hard Pass
A Family special version, in which the parent and child both run at the same time. They have to keep passing the ball between each other as they go, while avoiding five guards.

 BGM:  "Raw Power" by John Deveraeux and David Reilly

The pitch is around 50 yards (45.7 metres) long.


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