Adventure Zone   

  Reach the goal before the Pink Devil
  Get beaten by the Pink Devil or fall off the course
  Enemies lurk everywhere

The Gauntlet is a real life video game, where contestants race the Pink Devil - which travels on a track above the course - to the goal. On the whistle both contestant and Pink Devil begin at the same time - with the contestants having to clear seven obstacles to reach the end of the course.
1) Monster Zone: Three silver monsters will try to impede the player's progress.
2) Conveyor Zone: Cross a backwards-moving conveyor belt as boulders are dropped down from above.
3) Caterpillar Zone: A four-armed revolving turnstile that must be leapt over.
4) Trampoline BANG Zone: Bounce off a trampoline, up into a pit of foam pieces. Now cross a narrow beam while avoiding being knocked off by a swinging wrecking ball.
5) Revolving Comaneci Zone: Use a revolving plank to cross a pond.
6) Animal BANG Zone: Cross a long narrow beam while avoiding a row of three swinging wrecking balls.
7) Heaven and Hell Zone: Use a rope to swing across a stretch of water and reach the goal.

Played   17  times;  in episodes:
106, 110-112, 114-120, 122, 125-127, 130, 133

130 Level Up
A redesigned course; in which the trampoline is replaced by two High Rollers and, instead of the revolving plank, there's a row of 16 monkey bars to cross.
133 Beach World
The third version of The Gauntlet, located on a beach. This one sees the return of the trampoline and revolving plank, and replaces the conveyor belt with a narrow path against a wobbling fabric wall.

 BGM:  "Prome" - Fantasy Zone arcade game

Strong, Animal and Kibaji are waiting in cages along the course - not just to cause a distraction. If the Pink Devil reaches the goal before the contestant, the nearest of them will come out of their cage and throw the player in the water.
The Gauntlet is made up of older Takeshi's Castle games. The wrecking balls are taken from Home Run, the revolving plank is based on Bridge the Gap, and the rope swing is a return of the classic version of The Dragon Lake.
When the game made its debut, in episode 106, the pits were filled with toiet paper rather than foam blocks!


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