Beach Boys & Gals   

  Reach the beach at the end of the runway
  Fall off or miss the board
  The board may fall off the platform

The contestant has to balance on a surfboard as it moves along a narrow runway.
Stood over the runway are four small arch-shaped fish, and two big shark mouths. When they reach a fish the contestant has to jump over it, and land back on the board. When they reach a shark they must duck down low to go through its mouth.
Along the journey they'll first come across a fish, then a shark, then two more fish, a second shark, and a final fish before reaching the beach at the end. If the contestant manages to reach the beach, while still on the surfboard, they win the game.

Played   3  times;  in episodes:
37, 41, 55

37 & 41 Autoboard
The surfboard is fixed to the top of the runway and moves automatically.
55 Dropping In
The surfboard is pulled along by a rope, and is not connected to the runway - therefore it can slide off and into the newly built pond surrounding the track.

 BGM:  "Surfin' U.S.A. (Remix)" by The Beach Boys

The pink fish are actually axolotl.


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