Man-Eating Holes   

  Jump into a safe hole
  Jump into a killer hole
  No skill, just luck

Final Fall is used to further whittle down the remaining contestants before the Show Down.
One at a time the contestants run through a tunnel, avoiding the Boxing Monster who is waiting at the exit, to reach five holes in the ground. They have to choose a hole and jump down it.
Three of the holes are safe and will take the contestant through to the Show Down, but hiding down the other two are Katsuo and Makoto. If a contestant chooses one of these two wrong holes, the guard down it will stop them getting any further and they'll be out game.

Played   109  times;  in episodes:
1-100, 102-105, 107, 113, 115, 117, 119

 BGM:  Unknown
If you have information about the music used in this game please let us know!

The design of the holes changed several times.
From episodes 1 to 4 they were simply ditches covered with sheets.
From episode 5 the holes were made deeper - about 1 metre deep. Better covers and decorations were added on top.
From episodes 10 to 47 the holes were decorated like deadly flowers.
During episodes 48 to 55, and 57 to 59, they were themed like bird houses.
The fifth design were monster heads - which had contestants leaping into the mouths. These were seen until the game's final appearance, with the exception of episode 113 when they were changed to panda heads.
From episode 5 to 9, Jumbo Max guarded the tunnel's exit. Yoroi Chuu, the Boxing Monster, arrived in episode 10.


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